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The endless number of TV shows dedicated to gardening are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why gardening is so popular in the UK. There is something magical about plants, flowers and gardens that encourage people to explore nature and remember that there is plenty to do outside of being at home and being inside!

Top products you need for your gardening hobby

Whether you are just starting out with your passion for gardening or even if you are a seasoned veteran, you need to consider gardening products that are going to make things easy for you.

Fences and gates

Add sparkle and style to your garden with fence that goes beyond the stereotypical coffee coloured fences that seem to be in the UK. Fences are excellent choices for gardening because they add colour and most importantly dimension to your garden. They also give a sense of space which is why if you want to create the illusion of having a larger garden, you need to choose fences which deliver this. These can be found from reputable gardening retailers or online shops. Country charm is still a hot trend in gardening; consider adding small gates to give off the quaint aura that you are aiming for if you like the look of traditional gates.

Paving, Tiles & Walling

The Romans invented mosaics which laid the foundation for modern day tiles which are important features of every British home. Concrete Paving & Tiles in the garden are another trend that shows no sign of slowing down as more people want to take the inside outside. Gardening enthusiasts will enjoy exterior tiles which branch off into stepping stones as well as coloured tiles, and tiles made from raw materials such as wood.


An important element of gardening is how stone is used. Stonemasons used to create stunning examples of how stone can be used in gardens, and today amateur gardeners can also get in on the act which is definitely exciting considering how easy it is to incorporate stones into a garden. There are different types of ways gardeners can use stone such as using decorative stone chippings to add character to a garden or including pebbles for walkways or pavements within the enclosure. Research what types of stone you want in your garden whether you want traditional slate grey stone or multicoloured pebbles.


All gardeners regardless of skill level should be looking at what types of flowers they want to include in their home. Flowers such as roses are traditional and conservative, but they can give your garden extra polish, which is important if you will have lots of people coming over. Other types of flowers such as orchids look stunning in a garden yet they can only be planted at certain times of the year. Don’t forget other staple flowers for your garden such as dandelions. Decide which flowers you want and watch your whole garden bloom when they take centre stage.

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